React Chicago

Wed, February 20, 2019

Using React Native to build 3rd-party mobile apps for Ethereum dapps

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In this talk, Paul will show how to use React Native to create a 3rd-party mobile app for an Ethereum dapp (using the Tasit SDK under the hood).

At Tasit Labs, they spend most of their time making React Native mobile apps for Ethereum dapps (decentralized apps). Coming from a background where they’ve made React Native apps with “traditional” back ends, it became evident that the tooling isn’t quite there yet for Ethereum dapps such that a newer dev can ship a React Native MVP with new business logic or a sleeker design quickly without worrying about Ethereum-related back-end details or reinventing the wheel with some foundational features on the client-side. The Tasit SDK aims to solve those problems.

It’s easy to mock today’s Ethereum dapps for not having many users yet - the reason for the low user growth is that the UX of dapps is pretty terrible right now. Most dapps don’t have standalone native mobile apps, and the onboarding is too confusing for regular people. Given that everything in Ethereum is permissionless and interoperable, if you nail the UX in your own 3rd-party mobile app for a dapp, it’s easy to eclipse the number of users of the “real” dapp and become the de facto front end for the dapp.

Paul Cowgill is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He recently founded a startup, Tasit Labs. They’re working on the open-source Tasit project for making mobile Ethereum dapps (decentralized apps). Tasit Labs makes money by offering freemium features in 3rd-party mobile apps for popular Ethereum dapps. You can find him at @paulcowgill on Twitter.